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DASHCAM VIDEO: Officer mistakenly shoots 70-year-old man, then cries

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CLOVER, SC (CNN) -- Dashcam video out of South Carolina shows an officer shooting a 70-year-old man during a traffic stop.

The York County Sheriff's Department recently released video from the February 25 incident.

The man got out of his truck when he was pulled over, and then he reached back in to get his cane.

That's when the officer opened fire, fearing the cane was a gun.

In the video you can hear the officer crying.

You can also hear the man's wife praying to god to save her husband.

The man survived the shooting but state police are investigating.




  • Manalishi.

    No department policies were violated. State police are investigating??? This is not and will never be acceptable except to those who have a supremacy obsession.

  • Gerry

    Never leave your car during a stop!!!! The police is not at fault here. The article should tell people that anyone that exits a vehicle during a stop puts the police on alert!

    • billy

      So it’s not the police’s fault at all for shooting before a weapon was identified? Did he raise the cane as if it was a gun?

  • nateog

    Every officer’s gun should first fire a rubber bullet, enough to stun someone they think might have a gun or will shoot them. Then if that doesn’t work, the second bullet is real. In fact all guns should do this.

  • sistersue204

    Since the law was passed allowing South Carolinians to carry weapons into bars and restaurants, I’m sure law enforcement is on edge. Watching the video, I can understand how the officer might have mistaken the cane for a long rifle. Unfortunately, the next time this happens, the outcome may not be as good as it was this time, especially if what the officer believes is a cane turns out to be a rifle.

    • Manalishi.

      The man was 70 yeas old. If a cane was confused as a rifle, then a walker would be confused as an anti aircraft weapon. When an officer pulls you most of the time, the plates have already been run. No sale.

      • Jessi

        So what if the plates are run? That means nothing. First off, just because someone is 70, that doesn’t mean they won’t pull a gun on a cop. Secondly, who is to say the vehicle wasn’t stollen and just hadn’t yet been reported. A cop doesn’t know what he’s getting into when he makes a traffic stop. Not all criminals fit the exact same profile.

  • Jessi

    Maybe you should become a little more open-minded and educated. It is unclear what the man it pulling from the back of his truck. The officer’s actions were justified. It was an unfortunate incident, but an officer doesn’t have to wait until someone shoots at him first before he can protect himself. Maybe next time you’re in trouble you should call someone else for help since cops are “trigger happy pigs.”

    • AVjeeper

      The 70 yr old man has a right not to be shot at. He didn’t threaten the cop in any way. Good grief. How about a little Good Sense and sanity! Cops today are trigger happy. All they do is say “I thought….” then they shoot and murder people all the time.
      By the way, how many unaccounted shots were there? The cop endangered the community at large with rounds that missed the target. Incompetence!

  • Manalishi.

    #1. Someone else used the “trigger happy pigs”. I wouldn’t do that. #2. Cops run the plates before the pull is a protocol because 95% of the time, the owner is the driver and the profile is on screen. #3. “It is unclear what the man it pulling from the back of his truck” BS. It’s a cane used by a crippled 70 year old man that looks like a little old man that pulled what is obviously a cane. #4. The 70 year old crippled man put the cane to the ground to hold himself up just before the officer tried to “put him down”. Pay attn. Watch the video, count the shots and when they occur.

    I have always supported the police with intensity. But i am not stupid and will not defend the shooting of an elderly person unless the circumstances warrant such. These circumstances indicate that the officer needs to be fired immediately, The administrators that will defend this ineptitude need to be fired immediately.

    And somebody needs to tell us why the old man was pulled over for. If this senior citizen was shot multiple times as a result of a “quota” to be met, then there is more serious municipal policy problem. This has gone way to far for some self serving revenue fundraiser.

    Open minded and educated? Never if it ends up like your denial based opinion.

    • Jessi

      #1. My reference to “trigger happy pigs” and the rest of that comment I posted were in response to another post that appears to have been taken down. The comment I speak of was from someone who was clearly uneducated and biased. #2. Yes, typically the plates are run before the officer approaches the vehicle, however, not always. The system may be down, so tags can’t be run (happens a lot), the vehicle could have been stolen, the driver may not have a history (that doesn’t mean they’re innocent or wouldn’t do something). #3. It is not absolutely clear that the driver pulled a cane from the backseat. I stand by that. He clearly pulls something from the backseat, but it’s not clear that it’s a cane. #4. Because it is unclear that the object he pulls from the backseat is a cane, the officer did what he had to do. I’m sure if you were in a situation where you were unsure if someone were pointing a gun at you, you would wait until they pulled the trigger first. Good for you. The fact of the matter is that cops don’t have to do that. If they feel threatened, they shoot and there is nothing wrong with that. As far as how many shots were fired, do some research into high stress situations and see how accurate people shoot or if they can remember how many shots were fired. The results may surprise you. Just because an officer is trained with a firearm, it doesn’t mean they are a perfect marksman.

      It doesn’t matter why the stop was made. Police can stop cars for something as simple as a tag light being out. Also, most departments do not have “quotas.” That’s a common misconception. Regardless of that, I’m sure the officer didn’t just pull over a random vehicle for absolutely no reason.

      And again, I was not calling you uneducated. That comment was directed to another comment that has since been removed.

      Anyway, thankfully the old man survived. It was an unfortunate situation for both the civilian and the officer.

  • Greg Laden

    Just avoid calling the cops. They’ve become too dangerous. You know, many police agencies have a maximum IQ and above that they can’t hire you. There’ shot to be a cost to that.

  • AVjeeper

    Mistakenly shoots the man? Who is writing this trash. The officer deliberately shot at the old guy. Shoot first ask questions later. The officer should be fired and jailed for attempted murder!

  • AgeIsIrrelevant

    The police officer isn’t at fault here.
    Your never suppose to leave your vehicle unless the police officer asks you to. Then cane looked like it resembled a shot gun. Its dark, I’m sure that is what the police officer thought it was.
    Thankfully the old man is alive.

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