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UR student Brendan Tevlin murdered in ‘bloody crusade’ to punish US

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NEWARK, N.J. -- Prosecutors say the man accused of killing a University of Richmond student Brendan Tevlin in New Jersey, in June, was on a “bloody crusade” to punish the United States government.

WCBS reports that 29-year old Ali Muhammad Brown is a strict Muslim and was seeking revenge for the government’s role in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan.

Brown says U.S. intervention led to deaths of innocent children and civilians.

He is charged with shooting and killing 19-year-old Brendan Tevlin when he was stopped at a West Orange traffic light in June.

Ali Muhammad Brown

Ali Muhammad Brown

Both the passenger and driver’s seat windows of the Land Rover driven by Tevlin had been shattered,reports WCBS. Friends said that he had been playing video games with them shortly before the shooting. He had just texted his mom to say he was headed home.

Tevlin recently finished his freshmen year at the University of Richmond. Prior to college he was a student at Seton Hall Prep School, where he played lacrosse. He was a Eucharistic minister, a bagpipe player and a surfer,according to reports.


Brendan Tevlin (SOURCE: WCBS)

Prosecutors say Brown also killed three other people, in Seattle.

He is being held on $5 million bail.


  • Dustin Cavanaugh

    He is right the US does continuously kill innocent people but your message is hypocritical when you kill innocent people to send it…

  • Becky

    Notice this did not automatically grab the Attention of US DoInjustice as a Hate Crime or as
    Domestic Muslim Terrorist. Was not tried in a Federal Court under Federal Charges. Is that Politically Targeted Justice, only brought out when it IS considered politically advantageous and in accordance with agendas.

  • Becky

    DoInjustice doesn’t see anything illegal with Obama breaking laws in support of a deserter/traitor and 5 Islamic Terrorists, Fort Hood Massacre, unbridled lawlessness of rioters demanding an
    instantaneous Verdict as “Justice”, knockout games, or Democratic Governor McAuliffe’s 2 separated federal “investigations” being “Lerner Lost”, “Illegal” Invaders or “Illegal Employment.

    • Sam

      Becky. Hope you don’t believe that everyone who says you are somewhat goofy doesn’t say so because they disagree with your politics. You really appear to require medication for your own safety.

      • Becky

        So stereotypical of the Obamadots; and just as “Intelligent” in their attacks on opponents
        and allowed lawlessness of his “correct”.

  • Robbie

    I don’t believe anyone blamed anything on Obama. Your grammar convinces me that all the previous white presidents are responsible for all African Americans problems. Our country has allowed many African Americans to graduate with a 4th grade education. It’s hard to get a decent job if you can’t write a legible sentence.

    • Wethepeoplealabama

      Robbie have worked with education on a federal level for 17 years. Do not blame education of blacks any more than whites. They are taught to pass test only! It is indoctrination, not education! Look to the teachers and their unions if you want to place blame for not educating our youth!

  • hash5

    I must say that Obama is not the cause of every issue out here. In that case why was the twin towers attacked? People focus on race to much when everyone is born the same way. The world is messed up due to the ignorant people out here that must blame there non sense on the next .

  • Toyoka

    “Brown says U.S. intervention led to deaths of innocent children and civilians.” Soooo…you retaliate by doing the same thing? Huh. Such logic.

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