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Wake up Wednesday morning to spot the Total Lunar Eclipse

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If clouds or trees block your viewing this morning, don’t worry, you can watch the Total Lunar Eclipse LIVE HERE.

RICHMOND, Va. - Some of us in Virginia may be able to see part of a total lunar eclipse Wednesday morning.

The Full Moon is Wednesday, October 8 at 6:51 AM EDT. But as it is setting (at 7:17AM) to the western horizon, you may be able to catch a glimpse of the total lunar eclipse in progress.

The West Coast of the US and locations along the Pacific get the full show (providing they have mostly clear skies), but the East Coast of the US will see less of the eclipse.


So what will the Moon look like from here in Central Virginia? It will have a rusty tinge to it as opposed to its usual pearly glow. Remember, the Moon will be setting to the west during the middle of the eclipse, so we will have about a 45 minute viewing opportunity (starting at 6:25AM EDT until Moonset).

One factor that may enhance our show is that the Moon may appear "bigger" to our eyes as it sets on the western horizon (the "Moon Illusion" optical effect). The problem: it will be dimmer and harder to spot low on the horizon, especially as the Dawn's light spreads from the east.


I expect clouds may hinder your view Wednesday morning in central Virginia, but if you're up early with a clear view of the low western horizon, take a look!

If you're reading this after 7AM in Virginia, don't worry, you can watch the ongoing Total Lunar Eclipse LIVE HERE.

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