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At least 15 tornadoes touched down in Virginia Friday

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RICHMOND, Va. -- National Weather Service (NWS) crews will continue to survey damage in the week ahead after a powerful line of storms caused damage across multiple parts of Virginia  on Good Friday.

At least 15 tornadoes were confirmed by NWS survey crews:

Crews will survey those additional locations, including in Charles City County, on Monday and Tuesday, according to NWS officials.

Did you see damage where you live? We would like to include your photos in a comprehensive interactive report on the Good Friday storms. Email your pics or videos here.

EF-3 Tornado -- Franklin County
Estimated Time: 10:25 a.m.
Estimated Maximum Wind Speed: 159 mph
Maximum Path Width: 250 yards
Path Length: 8.2 miles

"A tornado touched down Friday morning just to the north of Oak Level in Franklin County. The tornado moved northeastward, significantly damaging
three structures while heavily damaging or destroying ten outbuildings," NWS officials wrote. "The tornado reached a peak intensity of EF-3 near Windy Ridge Road and again near Sealtest Lane. The tornado eventually dissipated to the east of Henry Fork, four miles southeast of Rocky Mount, just short of Doe Run Road."

Two people were injured, according to officials.

EF-1 Tornado -- Bedford County
Estimated Time: 11:22 - 11:25 a.m.
Estimated Maximum Wind Speed: 93 mph
Maximum Path Width: 60 yards
Path Length: 1.8 miles

"The NWS Damage Survey has concluded that an EF1 tornado touched down about 2.5 miles north of Thaxton, VA in Bedford County, around 11:22 a.m. The initial touchdown was near Patterson Mill Road," NWS official said. "The tornado stayed on the ground for about 3 minutes or for about 1.8 miles, uprooting or snapping trees. The tornado destroyed an outbuilding off of Centennial Road, before dissipating."

No injuries were reported.

EF-1 Tornado -- near Emporia in Southampton County
Estimated Time: 6:38 -6:54 p.m. 
Estimated Maximum Wind Speed: 85-90 Mph
Maximum Path Width: 100 Yards
Path Length: 18.6 Miles

"The tornado crossed the Roanoke River into Northampton County, NC near Garysburg and moved north-northeast across NC Highway 46 where it snapped and uprooted several trees," NWS officials wrote. "The tornado continued tracking across rural portions of Northampton County, NN before crossing into Greensville County, Va. near Skippers Road where additional trees were snapped. The tornado then briefly lifted while shifting its track slightly east and touching down again near Caney Swamp south of Taylor's Mill Road. From here, the tornado continued northeast and caused EF-1 damage to numerous trees along low ground road, before reaching Highway 58 in southwestern Southampton County, Va and then lifting again."

No injuries were reported.

EF-0 Tornado -- Greensville County
Estimated Time:  6:44 - 6:50 p.m.
Estimated Maximum Wind Speed:  70 mph
Maximum Path Width:  50 yards
Path Length:  6.35 miles

"The tornado touched down approximately 1/2 mile west of Creek Road in rural southeast Greensville County," NWS official said.  "The tornado tracked north-northeast over rural portions of Greensville County, before finally lifting one mile north of Moores Lane in Greensville County. The tornado mostly snapped trees along its path."

No injuries were reported.

EF-0 Tornado -- Near Brodnax in Brunswick County
Estimated Time: 6:50 - 6:51 p.m.
Estimated Maximum Wind Speed: 70-80 mph
Maximum Path Width: 200 yards
Path Length: 0.6 miles

"The tornado touched down northeast of the town of Brodnax in Brunswick County," NWS officials said. "The tornado mostly uprooted and snapped trees along its path. A tree also fell on a horse and killed it."

No other injuries were reported.

EF-0 Tornado -- Emporia in Greensville County
Estimated Time: 6:50 - 6:55 p.m.
Estimated Maximum Wind Speed: 65-75 mph
Maximum Path Width: 100 yards
Path Length: 4.4 miles

"The tornado touched down near the intersection of Brink Road and Collins Road about 3 miles SW of Emporia," NWS officials said. "The tornado snapped trees and did damage to a couple of outbuildings along its path. Minor damage also occurred at a shopping center in Emporia. The tornado lifted just north of town."

No injuries were reported.

EF-0 Tornado -- Near Stony Creek in Sussex County
Estimated Time: 7:18 - 7:30 p.m.
Estimated Maximum Wind Speed: 70-80 mph
Maximum Path Width: 50-100 yards
Path Length: 17.7 miles
Start Location: Near Stony Creek
End Location: Near Disputanta in Prince George County

"The tornado touched down just south of Sussex Drive about 4 miles east of Stony Creek, VA in Sussex County. It then traveled northeast and crossed Jerusalem Park Road near Courthouse Rd, before continuing northeast across General Mahone Highway and lifting before reaching Centerville Road in Prince George County," officials said. "The tornado mostly uprooted and snapped trees along its path. A garage was also destroyed from a tree falling on it."

No injuries were reported.

EF-1 Tornado -- Disputanta in Prince George County
Estimated Time: 7:29 - 7:33 p.m.
Estimated Maximum Wind Speed: 90-95 mph
Maximum Path Width: 100 yards
Path Length: 3.9 miles

"The tornado touched down just south of Lebanon Road then traveled north-northwest across Lebanon Road and Pole Run Road," NWS official said. "Many trees were snapped or uprooted and numerous sheds and outbuildings received significant damage or were destroyed. This area was where the EF-1 damage occurred. The tornado continued to track across Pole Run Road and Hines Road before lifting NW of Hines Road."

No injuries were reported.

EF-0 Tornado -- Isle Of Wight County
Estimated Time:  7:56 - 7:58 p.m.
Estimated Maximum Wind Speed:  75-80 mph
Maximum Path Width:  75-100 yards
Path Length:  2.9 miles

"The tornado touched down near Mill Swamp Road and Wrens Mill Road, VA in northern Isle of Wight county. The tornado tracked northward crossing King`s Landing Lane before continuing into the James River," NWS official said.  "Numerous trees, including large oak trees, were snapped or uprooted along the tornado path. One tree was downed on a house."

No injuries were reported.

Depend on the CBS 6 Weather Authority for the most complete weather coverage.

Depend on the CBS 6 Weather Authority for the most complete weather coverage.

EF-2 Tornado -- east of Mineral in Louisa County
Estimated Time: 8:06 - 8:08 p.m.
Estimated Maximum Wind Speed: 115-120 mph
Maximum Path Width: 300 yards
Path Length: 2 miles

"The tornado touched down in a wooded area east of Mineral, VA in northeastern Louisa County near Elk Creek Road. The tornado crossed Elk Creek Road producing EF0 damage in the trees, and knocked a tree down on a car on Gill Lane," NWS officials wrote. "The tornado proceeded north into an open field, before producing substantial damage to a restored 18th century two-story home. EF2 damage was observed as the roof was removed and numerous hardwood trees on the property were snapped. More hardwood trees were snapped and uprooted immediately north of the property before crossing an arm of Lake Anna. The tornado then produced EF1 damage to the garage and trees at a residence along Beauregard Way, before lifting shortly thereafter."

No injuries were reported.

EF-0 Tornado -- Reston in Fairfax County
Estimated Time: 8:55 p.m.
Estimated Maximum Wind Speed: 70 mph
Maximum Path Width: 100 yards
Path Length: 4 miles

"First evidence of damage was near Fox Mill Road and Pinecrest Road where several trees were downed at approximately 855 PM EDT. Isolated tree damage from this point to near the U.S. Geological Survey complex on Sunrise Valley Drive was noted, with several trees topped along Glade Drive near Rosedown Drive. After passing across the Dulles Toll Road (Route 267), minor tree damage was noted between Sunset Hills Road and Baron Cameron Avenue. The tornado tracked across Reston Hospital Center, with no visible signs of damage, but damage was noted just north of the hospital on Town Center Drive near Town Center Parkway, where a tree was topped, fencing blown down, and shingles blown off several townhouses.

After crossing Baron Cameron Avenue, the tornado passed just east of Trader Joe's grocery store destroying an outdoor shed there. Nearby, a tall, two-foot diameter tree crashed through the upper floor of a townhouse on Quietree Drive in Reston, that led local officials to condemn the property. Several large trees were either uprooted or topped along Bennington Woods Road between Crosswind Drive and Reston Parkway. A large, 100-foot tall tree fell and smashed the front end of an unoccupied vehicle parked along Center Harbor Road, midway between Reston Parkway and North Village Road. Minor tree damage along a narrow path was noted in neighborhoods located between North Village Road and Reston Parkway between Center Harbor Road and Wiehle Avenue. No substantial storm damage was noted north of Wiehle Avenue, where it appears the tornado weakened at 9:00 p.m.

The survey team also surveyed more storm damage extending to the east of the tornado track primarily just east and paralleling Reston Avenue. This damage consisted of trees blown down or topped.  The team concluded that strong straight line winds produced damage here, with two large trees falling on Fort Lee Street, one of which fell on a house."

No injuries were reported.

Flooding Threat 

Additionally, a flood warning was issued for the James River Saturday afternoon.

CBS 6 Chief Meteorologist Zach Daniel said the river is forecast to crest at 12.5 feet at the Westham gauge Sunday night/Monday morning.

Minor flooding is expected as flood stage is 12 feet.

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